Monday, August 10, 2009

Interesting day riding.....

Went out Sunday morning with a bunch of buddies from down south that are entering the triathlon this weekend. Rode with them around the sprint course road section. We had a fun ride and got home safe. Only bad news was losing several of the group at different time. Could not keep everyone together.

Anyway, when I got home, wife was taking our daughter to go swimming.... So seeing an opportunity, I headed back out to Herbs to do some SSCX riding. I ended up doing two laps, but was totally bonked at the end because I did not eat right. I guess you have to eat right even when you're just bombing around the trail!


DukePirate said...

Nice ride! Could you offer any more details on it?

My bonks have always shown up at the oddest times, as opposed to at times of concentrated effort when I'm monitoring my nutrition. That doesn't make them any less painful, I suppose, but makes the experience a bit more novel than event-crushing.

Good luck at SC this weekend! --jm

Jeremy said...

Thanks DukePirate!

The ride is a NOS frame I got from a guy who buys out bike shops in Europe. This appears to be a Zeus frame badge LaBadie by the shop. Has Campy dropouts in it though.

Bonking really does stink!