Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cyclocross Season is over, time for some road riding....

With 'cross season over, its time to get ready for winter and spring racing. Time to build base miles and time to be ready for the summer. This is the time of year when the riding is wet and its time to build miles and fitness.

This year, I will build those miles, and I will build that fitness.

To inspire that work and that fitness, I decided to get my road steed a little more ready for riding. Since I'm a weight weenie, I had to get some weight off the bike.

I started by getting my carbon wheels set up for road tires. This alone took one pound off my ride.

Next up is some new bars and a new bottom bracket!


This was our second year to host a cyclocross race in Cordova. This year the difference was that my entire team was part of it. The team really pulled together to make this happen. Anthony Parks was the inspiration of the race and the leader of putting it together. Members of Journeymen Racing were the arms, hands, legs back and voice of making the race happen and as a result the race was great!

We started the race in cold weather with plenty of rain. This unfortunately made us think that the race would not turn into anything good. However, Cyclocross races are not fought out in the sunlight, and the local racers know it!

The rain settled down just as the B race went off, and as a result the course was absolutely sloppy and absolutely awesome!

After a great B Race, we had the A Race go off and again we had a great race.
With a little luck and a lot of persistance, we'll have the race again next year and the results will be awesome!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fall Racing Continued.....

To continue this story!

After hitting the Cyklocrunk series, I ended up hitting two races in Nashville. The first was the first 'Cross The Way' series race for 2012. Unfortunately, I went there and broke my fork on my first lap.... not a good way to find success. The good news was that I helped out Dylan and Seth. They ended up placing 1st and 2nd in all the races of the day. Pretty good for some young punks!

With that, I ended up rebuilding my bike completely. New fork, new headset, new stem. I painted everything up with the same paint and clearcoated the whole thing.
And with that done, I headed off to the second cyclocross race in Nashville. This one was in town in a park in the middle of town. This race went much better for me. The end result was that I finished and did not take DFL. I felt better at this race, but it was really a tough one.....
Unfortunately, that finished off my season - at least as far as my racing season was concerned.....