Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful Scenes....

I don't live in an area with beautiful vistas. No mountains here, no coastlines. We have the muddy Mississippi and a few rolling hills - none larger than an interstate overpass.

Thats not to say that there is no beauty in riding in the Mid-South.

Spring is probably the best example of that......

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, the move up 3 weeks of Daylight Savings Time is definitely a welcome change.

I love coming home and actually needing sunglasses on the drive. It makes all the difference in the world to see something besides darkness when you hit the driveway.

I've gotten out on a few rides, but not many.

The biggest new thing for me riding is my new Garmin 500. So far, I really like it. Small, portable, and great functions. My buddy Brad has also offered a heartrate monitor strap for it as well. I'm excited about that.

Hopefully tomorrow, I'll get out on the road bike and see how the legs feel!