Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting The Carbon Out!

So I have ridden my vintage Colnago Saronni Super since last summer. Only once or twice has the carbon bike come out since I built the Colnago.

The Colnago is a thing of beauty. It was the pinnacle of technology when it was built, and its ride is very difficult to surpass even with today's technology.

I have to say however, that I really do appreciate technology however. We live in an environment of continuous improvement, and things do get better over time. Higher numbers of gears help find the right gear to make the most of my puny horsepower. Combination shifter brake levers make the ergonomics of the bike so much better. Carbon does make bikes lighter and more efficient.

So with that, I'm getting back on the Vellum for a bit. Its 16lbs or so, and has Dura Ace 7800 components mixed with a little Red. Easton wheels make it accellerate much faster than I should be able to accellerate.

I'm gonna enjoy some technology for a while.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Training Ride by cyklopath at Garmin Connect - Details

Sunday Training Ride by cyklopath at Garmin Connect - Details

So this past Christmas, my parent's asked what I'd like for a gift. Now, thanks to them, I have a new Garmin Edge 500.

Yesterday, my teammate Brad brought by a heart rate strap for the Garmin.

Today was the first ride with the strap. Pretty interesting data. I'm working harder than I thought.

The file above lays it out....

BTW, if you don't have one of these, you need one!