Monday, October 27, 2008

Kudzu, Kudzu, Kudzu.......

Well, if you've been looking in the latest Model Aviation, you've seen the Kudzu......

I flew this bird at the AMA Nats this year. It did very well. I managed to get in a whopping total of 6 practice flights with the airplane before the competition, and I still managed 8th place. That tells me its got potential.

Next thing for this airplane is to take even more weight out. I'm sure I can, but doing it is the hard part. I will likely build a new fuselage if I can find a source of .75lbs/ft3 foam, then I'll build a new one.... until then, I'll keep flying this one.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Matchless Votige

Here is my new indoor pattern plane for the 08-09 season. Its sitting next to a Matchless/FancyFoam Vantage for size comparison.
I'm excited to develop it further. So far, it has turned out to be a really good bird. Weight of the quick prototype was 5.25 ozs RTF. The next one should finish out well under 5 ozs with a few tricks like milling and other things.....

CycloCrunk Cyclocross race

This past week, I raced in the last of the '08 CycloCrunk Cyclocross races.

The race went really well all things considered. I ended up not finishing dead last, and my new bike went well.

My new bike is a Labadie cyclocross bike from the south of France. I built it up as a singlespeed with all Ultegra equipment. Finished out at around 19lbs, so I'm more than pleased with it.

The pictures from the race are pretty cool.

My blog.....

So what is my crazy blog about?

I'm a middle aged fat guy with too many friggin hobbies.......

I'm a former bicycle racer who is now trying to get back to riding to improve my health.

I'm also an avid model aviation enthusiast. I design, build and fly competition model airplanes. Luckily, I also sell a few of the designs I create and help to fund my hobby........

I don't have a clue why I'm putting up this blog. I guess I just want to.