Thursday, October 29, 2009

Back Riding in the States

Went for a road ride Sunday morning with my buddy Matt. I did better than I figured I would with that long of a layoff and being sick.... I rode a few times in Singapore, but not many considering I was there 5 weeks.

Anyway, while we were out there, we were rolling along and passed a big cotton field. Matt commented that it looked like the sunflowers from the Tour De France, but the 'redneck version' instead. Not sure why, but that was terribly funny to me at the time....

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Updating the Cross Bike.... : )

While I was out of the country, I managed to snag an Alpha Q CX fork for my bike. I had an extra Chris King headset and a stem that was a perfect match for it as well.

Mounted everything up this morning and I'm pretty pleased with it! Knocked 1.3 lbs off the bike in total. Definitely very pleased.

Now, I just need an opportunity to race the dern thing!!!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cycling in Singapore part 3

Well, my business trip to Singapore is almost done. I've had a genuinely good time here, but I'm definitely also ready to come home. I miss my girls.

Today however, I had to burn out a few more miles before I left. I had the opportunity to hit the road with my buddy Marc. Marc and I rode together alot a few years ago, up until he transfered here to Singapore. When I got here, I knew we had to get out and hit the road a few times. Each ride, he or his wife cooked a great pasta dinner to get us ready and we headed out.

We rode the Changi/Airport end of the country again and it was HOT!!!!! I'm guessing it was 30 degrees warmer this time. Hotter than Memphis for sure. The heat really took its toll on me too... But it was a good ride anyway.

For the second half of the ride, we rode the beach path along the southern coast. I could not believe the people traffic. Chinese and Malaysians everywhere.... None of them knew how to ride a bike, but every one of them was trying (or falling down on rollerblades!) We dodged people traffic for quite a while, but eventually decided to hit the service road and ride back. Made much better time without all the Chinese adults on bike with training wheels around (thats not an exaggeration!

I'm glad I came. I'm glad I made it a goal to ride. (I rode over 1oo miles while on the island!)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


As I was putting up a post a moment ago, I saw that people had commented on previous posts done months ago...... I really did not think anyone actually read this thing...... I need to keep an eye on that in the future!

Cycling In Singapore Part 2

Well, this weekend, I had the opportunity to ride for the second time in Singapore. The offer came from a co-worker on the island. Seems he's not had anyone to ride with since he moved here 2 years ago and has not gotten out as much as he would like.

I was more than happy to accompany him out on the road. Since I rode the entire western portion of the island last time, we decided to ride the eastern portion. This section that we rode runs between the airport and the ocean, then heads into the hills and runs through the eastern portion of the city/country/state, whatever you want to call it. Finally, it drops down to the airport again.

While I did not see any monkeys in the road on this trip, it was no less spectactular. Riding with 747 jetwash hitting you is no small thing! The sounds at the airport are incredible. The views out to the ocean were wonderful as well.

Unfortunately, weather got foul during our ride and we rode in a near constant downpour. I'm not one to shy away from the rain though, so we soldiered on.

Through the hills, I fully expected my friend to stomp me into the ground as he had the last time we rode together back in the states, but that was not the case. Frankly, I was able to ride away from him. I genuinely could not believe that...... I thought he was letting me drop him, but that was not the case. I guess a little more fitness on my part and an absence of time in the saddle for my friend set the game where it lay. He's still a killer on the bike though, I know after a few rides he'll stomp me handily.

BTW, before we rode, he and his beautiful wife cooked up one of the best meals I've had in a very long time. Pasta with pesto and chicken! Absolutely awesome. I did not realize he was a dern good cook too.

Well, with any luck, we'll head out next weekend again. Hopefully we'll put a few more miles in too!!!!!