Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cycling in Singapore part 3

Well, my business trip to Singapore is almost done. I've had a genuinely good time here, but I'm definitely also ready to come home. I miss my girls.

Today however, I had to burn out a few more miles before I left. I had the opportunity to hit the road with my buddy Marc. Marc and I rode together alot a few years ago, up until he transfered here to Singapore. When I got here, I knew we had to get out and hit the road a few times. Each ride, he or his wife cooked a great pasta dinner to get us ready and we headed out.

We rode the Changi/Airport end of the country again and it was HOT!!!!! I'm guessing it was 30 degrees warmer this time. Hotter than Memphis for sure. The heat really took its toll on me too... But it was a good ride anyway.

For the second half of the ride, we rode the beach path along the southern coast. I could not believe the people traffic. Chinese and Malaysians everywhere.... None of them knew how to ride a bike, but every one of them was trying (or falling down on rollerblades!) We dodged people traffic for quite a while, but eventually decided to hit the service road and ride back. Made much better time without all the Chinese adults on bike with training wheels around (thats not an exaggeration!

I'm glad I came. I'm glad I made it a goal to ride. (I rode over 1oo miles while on the island!)

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