Monday, August 17, 2009

Legend of Stanky Creek!!!!

Awesome race this weekend!!!!!

When I got there, I walked a few parts of the course to check out the best way to ride them. Frankly, I was scared of this course - really. There were a couple sections that were simply hard.

At the start, I knew I had to get a jump on everyone to get into the woods fast. Succeeded big time on that. Managed to get a jump on everyone in the start line sprint and entered the woods first!!!! Yee haw

As soon as we entered the woods, I turned up hill and promptly detonated at the top........ I guess I put too much into that sprint.

Later on, after the tougher blue section, I started to open it up a bit and find my groove. I was really pretty happy with how fast I was able to get moving. Then I started catching some people from my group and other groups and started rolling as hard as I could.

In the end, I took 8th place in my age group. I'm excited, and looking forward to the next race! (6 hours of Herb in October)

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