Monday, August 31, 2009

Fun riding at Herbs and some numbers.......

So, this weekend, I get the hall pass from the wife, and its time to head out to Herbs.

First lap around, I was all by myself and I was absolutely flying. I was carrying speed through that course like I've not done since I was in college. I also did the entire course without a single stop and felt strong enough to easily do many more.

Then I ran into Jacob. We've tried to get together to ride so many times, when the opportunity came up, I could not pass it up. Jacob was riding very strong that day. Compared to last winter, he's made a huge improvement in his strength and his fitness. In all, we did 2 laps. (He had already done one lap also). For him, that was his longest ride ever (over 25miles) I'm glad I was able to be part of that!!

When I got home, I pulled out the cross bike and headed out around the neighborhood to see if there was anywhere I could build a 'cross course. No beans though and the wife called me home....

What about the numbers? Well, I found a cool website,, which gives watt numbers based on other inputs you fill in. So what did it say? Well, according to the calculator, it says that on my last group road ride, I averaged 223 watts for the ride. Interestingly enough it also said that during the 'shake n bake' sprint, I was cranking out over 500 watts for approx 2 mins. That my friends is some serious power!!!!

All good fun!

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