Thursday, May 14, 2009

Well, after 2+years and over 3k miles, I managed to bend my beloved Quattro Assi somehow. I love this bike. I paid next to nothing for the frame, and I've really taken my time getting it dialed in and really comfortable to ride.

I'm simply not sure how I bent the thing, but on a Thursday night ride a couple weeks ago, I heard some rubbing going on. I stopped at a park to check it out. I actually found two rubs. The first was my computer cable rubbing on the front tire. No big issue and nothing to fix that problem.

The other problem was the rear wheel. The tire was rubbing the left side chainstay. I checked the quick release to find out if the wheel had shifted. It had shifted slightly, but when I pulled it back straight, the wheel was still significantly cocked to the left side.

Back at home, I checked the dish on the wheel and found it to be within .75mm of dished correctly.... :( That meant the frame was wonky. A few measurements on the frame found the whole rear triangle bent to the right about 7.5mm's.

In the end, I decided to build a new roadbike. I searched high and low for a new frame. A Cannondale from a local rider looked promising, as did a Bianchi from a local shop, but in the end, I opted for a full carbon frame bought from the US distributor. I picked up a 'Vellum Equilibrium' from the Vellum distributor.
Hopefully, I'll get to build it over the Memorial day weekend. I'll post pics when I'm done.....

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