Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Damn Good Cross Ride

Well, yesterday issues conspired against me doing my usual Tuesday night road ride with the group.

After the wife and daughter headed off to dinner with Papa, I managed to sneak out to Shelby Farms for a ride on my cross bike. I could not believe the difference in my riding.... Last time I hit SF with the SSCX bike, I barely made it up the hills. It was really pretty embarassing.

Yesterday however, I was absolutely flying on the thing. I could not believe what a difference there was. I was flying up the hills and rolling on the flats. Frankly, I think I'm at the point that if I improve any more, I'll likely have to change my rear cog size on the bike......

While I was out there, I also ran into a racing buddy of mine from 10yrs ago. I had not seen him probably since the last Memphis race I did, but I recognized him immediately. It was very cool finding an old friend again and remembering the 'old days'.

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