Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Bike, Part 3.....

Well, I have two rides now on this thing, and each ride it gets better.

Climbing is excellent on this bike. No bottom bracket flex at all, and I gotta say that I think I can tell that the chainstays are absolutely huge on the bike. It just does not have any give.

Same thing goes for sprinting on it. When I stand up, there is no flex in the frame, its smooth and accelerates well. Makes me want to stand up on it more often.

Seated riding is excellent as well because of how muted the frame is regarding frame buzz. There just isn't any. I can actually stay seated more often over rough stuff that I might have stood up on before. I finished both rides on it so far feeling like I was not as shaken or stirred.....

Weight wise, I'm slightly dissappointed in it right now, but that will change soon. The frame is lighter than my previous ride, however the headset, frt der clamp and seatpost clamp are all much heavier than my previous, so it is heavier overall. I'll change that over the next few months with a few careful purchases.

Like I said earlier. I'm loving this thing!!!

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