Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Cycling Fan In America......

OK, I'm an American cycling fan. I admit it. Probably need to enter a twelve step program for it too.....

I'm an 'active' fan as well. I ride and even race occasionally. I'm no where near competitive, but I like to get out there and do it. I follow pro-cycling and watch every race I can. I know all the riders stats and their successes and failures.

Years ago, at the beginning of the 'Lance Era', I got satellite TV and the Versus channel. I did so just so I could watch the tour. I paid all year, just so I could hear Paul and Phil calling out the moves as the Tour wound its way through the French countryside. Since then, of course, I've tried to watch Liege-Bastogne-Liege, Paris-Roubaix, etc. I was a huge fan before that, but only followed the sport through print pubs like Velonews. The occasional coverage on the major stations was pretty weak, but I devoured it when I could.

I can't get enough of the stuff.

Baseball, Football (American) and Basketball don't capture my interest at all. At parties, I'm useless to talk with because I don't follow any leagues or any teams. If it involves a ball, I can't keep up. My Wife floats all the conversations there as she is not only a fan, but was also a great player of any sport involving a ball that a girl could have played.

Our Euro friends have it so easy. Click the TV Remote and watch a race. No thought, no effort involved. Just click and watch. No need to troll internet forums looking for where the next race will be broadcast. Yes, I'm green with envy!

So as I type this, the kilos are ticking away in the Giro D'Italia. Sivstov is in the lead and praying he can stay away to the finish (with about 10k's to go). Universal Sports is broadcasting the event, and really its pretty good coverage. As they rip across the cobbles in Bergamo, I'm smiling, because for now, I've found a way to get my 'fix'.

Tomorrow, I'll miss the coverage, as I'll be out on a 50-60 mile road ride. Trade one 'fix' for the other 'fix'.

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