Saturday, November 8, 2008

Went tubeless on the Ritchey!!!!!
The wheels I built so many years ago for my Ritchey were finally starting to come apart. I had purchased a set of tubeless Bontrager RaceLites for cheap from another rider. Then last night, I headed up to Peddler and asked Matt to tell me 'the setup'. I ended up with a set of Bontrager Jones tires and juice to go inside them.
Mounting these things was a bitch! I broke 3 tire levers and ended up getting a neighbor to help get them on finally.... Then I needed to seat the bead. The hand pump just was not doing the job. I ended up using a Presta valve adapter and a tire chuck hooked up to my compressor. I ran the compressor to full pressure (140lbs) and popped the tires into place with a blast of full pressure.
After the bead would pop on, I still only had about 10lbs of pressure in the tire, so I used a hand pump to drive them up to 60lbs to seat the beads. After letting them seat and spinning them to spread the goop around, I backed them off to 36lbs of pressure for riding tomorrow. Hopefully that will be a good setting.
The cool final result of mounting these things is that the new wheels and tires knocked 20 ozs off the weight of the bike!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow what a weight difference. Everyone tells me they ride sooooo much better than a tubed tire, and that fact will make a bigger difference than the weight.
Should be pretty cool......

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