Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cellpro 10S f'in rocks!!!!

I bought myself a bit of an early B'day present last week.

I've had issues with charging my pattern plane batteries. None of my chargers were big enough to handle them. To get around this, I borrowed an Astroflight 109 and bought another. Between the two chargers, I made it through the Nats.

Unfortunately, they were not a great solution because they don't balance charge the packs. It did not make any sense to me to have expensive packs like that and charge them with inadequate chargers.

In the end, I bought the Cellpro 10s. I had borrowed one from my buddy Keith for one contest. The thing is great to use and FMA had an adapter already made for all of my packs. Truly plug and play. This weekend, I've been balancing my packs and getting them up to snuff. I'll take them all down to a storage charge later......

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