Sunday, November 23, 2008

22 Miles at Herbs and Some Flying Stuff

Managed to get out to Herbs today and put in around 22 miles. Got to ride the new loop at the RedOak sign that SteveK put in and its awesome. Was a very good ride overall. I really got into a good flow and dialed in the setup on my tubeless tires a bit. I felt like I could really 'rail the trail' through the corners and push it. I'm less beaten than I would have been on my tubed setup!

On the flying side of things, the Juka design is pushing forward with Fancy Foam. Mike is finishing up the details and it should get into production very quickly now. I'm proud of how that airplane came together and how it flies. I really think people will enjoy it.

Hopefully Thanksgiving week will go well. I'm sure it will go by slower than I'd like however!!!!!

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