Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 MS150 Completed!!!

Well, the 2009 MS150 bike ride is over. I feel a little like a kid at Christmas. You look forward to it all year and anticipate it like crazy. Then it happens, and its great, but you really wish it was not over.

I've done this for 7 years now. 6 times I've ridden it. During that time, my team has raised over $30k for the charity. I'm proud of that.

When I first started this, I was significantly overweight - Try over 100lbs over my racing weight when I was in college. I tried every year to complete the ride and succeeded the past couple. I also tried every year to ride 'The Wall'. This year, I did it!!! It took me too many times, but I did it this time!!!!

Day one, I really did not feel that great. I finished in a fine time, but did not really feel great as I did it. Probably too much left over pain in my legs from hiking the previous weekend.

We spent Saturday afternoon hangin out in the casino and eating overpriced cheeseburgers. (have not had a cheeseburger in a long time)

Sunday opened with rain. And that set the stage for the entire day. I elected to stick my raincoat in my pocket, but never took it out. We rolled the first 30 miles rapidly and headed for the wall. To my amazement, I went right up it!!!!!

The rest of the day, I rolled along with Patrick and Adam. They made good riding partners for as long as I could keep up with them. At the finish, the BBQ was as good as it gets!!!!

In the end, I had an awesome time, and I truly cannot wait until next year!!!!

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