Saturday, November 14, 2009

Outdoors Inc Cyclocross Champs - Pre Ride

Its nice having a race in your own hometown!

I had the opportunity to get out to the racecourse today and pre-ride the thing. There are some really fast parts, a few tough climbs, and 3 sets of barriers.

One dismount is a set of stairs to a paved section where the remount will be important. The next is a traditional set of double barriers on an up hil.

The final mandatory is a set of 3 huge logs laying out on the riverbank. There is a shicane right before this set of logs, so slowing is not a problem. I did my dismount/remount pretty fast in that section. The others, I was stinkin it up today....

Final area is a tough hill that I'm not sure I can climb. its pretty huge, so I will likely dismount and run up it.....

Rest of the course is either bumpy sodded areas, or fast trampled down trail areas.

Wish me luck......

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