Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another Killer Road Ride

I guess sometimes things just come together right. Last night, the group ride at Bike World was simply huge. There were approx 2 dozen riders there and the weather was cool.

We took off at a reasonable pace and then shifted to a significantly harder pace almost immediately. I managed to keep with the A group for approx 12 miles before I got dropped. Then I came around a corner a half mile later and there they were! They had made a wrong turn and took a 20 second diversion.

That gave me an opportunity to get back with the group. I spotted DavidF and decided that I was going to try to stay on his wheel no matter what for the rest of the ride.

A few miles later, we split off the back of the A group and formed an 'A minus' group between the A's and the B's. We managed to hold that to the finish and finished out the ride with an avg speed of just over 18mph!

When I got home, my new computer mount was there, so I spent a few mins installing my computer on the bike.

Yesterday was definitely a good day!

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