Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Own Personal Roubaix!

Went out this afternoon for a spin on the roadbike. Was hoping to do better than 30 miles this afternoon. At around the 15 mile mark, the rain hit. was not too bad, but decided to turn around and head back the way I came. The roads I was on are super bumpy and poorly patched. Looks like the crews have not gotten out and patched the patches yet either. Hence, my own personal Roubaix.

Turning around was a good choice, as I rode out from under the storm and the sun came out! Within a few minutes, I was nearly dry and cruizing along comfortably again. Frankly I was so comfortable, I decided to stretch the ride to 40 miles and headed toward more sun.

I may have pushed it a bit too far though..... When I got about 3miles from the house, the rain hit HARD!!!!!! and I mean friggin hard. The wind was howling, it felt like the temp dropped about 20 degrees and big raindrops were hitting me horizontally!

After only a couple minutes of fighting into the wind and rain in my granny I spotted a garage open. I dove in it and the owner was nice enough to let me stay in there for a minute and wait for the rain to pass.

I finally worked up the gumption to get back on and fight the last few miles to get home.

A really hot bath brought my temperature back up to normal. Everything I own was soaked from the rain and will take a bit to dry out.....

However, I did 39 miles today. A really good ride, in spite of the rain!

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