Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Killer Riding At Shelby Forest

This past weekend, I got out on Friday to ride at Shelby Forest with JR and Chris. Those guys are 100 x's better than me, but are nice enough to wait for me at the tops of some of the climbs.

So Friday, we head out to do the normal Jackson Hill and 3Pigs loop. I did Jackson hill once, then did the Pigs 2 1/2 more times, along with the hills that precede Jackson Hill. It was absolutely intense getting up those hills.

On past rides out there, my goal was simply to get to the top of those hills. I often had to stop and walk portions of them. They may not be the Gerardsbergen or the Mur de Huy, but they are tough.

Friday, I was able to stand up on the bike and power over them. In total I rode 0ver 20 steep hills and powered through all of them. I did have to get off at Jackson hill for a short bit, but was able to get back on and finish well.

Recovery after the hills seems to be getting a little faster as well!

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