Monday, December 8, 2008

Herbs on a Cyclocross bike!

I managed to get out this weekend and get one measly lap around Herb Parsons this weekend. On a positive note, I dressed warmer (maybe too warm) and managed to keep my feet warm as a result. I've definitely gotta get some bib tights to wear out there on the trail though. My regular tights just won't stay up......

I rode the trail on my singlespeed cross bike. The bike handles very well. Its a good bike on the trail for sure. I gotta say however, I still hate riding drop bars offroad. The brake levers don't fall at all near where they feel like they should, and my hands cramp from all of the time spent trying to get a grip. The gear was just about right, as I spun out over the dam, but was still able to climb every climb.

As for my goal of getting to 180, I lost another pound last week. Currently 209. Long way to go, but at least I'm progressing.

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