Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Riding with Tunes!

Many people ride or run with earbuds in. I ride with only one in. I personally think riding or running with buds in both ears in any situation (trail, road, sidewalk, greenline) is just asking for trouble.

So, I've ridden with stereo earbuds for several years now, one bud hanging down inside my jersey. Needless to say, with good music, the sound is a mess. It does not sound at all good and sometimes is downright annoying.

I decided to search for a better solution. I also wanted something that did not have a 4 foot long cord hanging from it. What I found checks all those boxes and then some.

On Amazon, I found the Far End Gear Stereo to Mono Earbud. Sound is excellent, the cord is short and does not tangle, and it is even mildly reflective (you can see that in my photo). All in all, I'm very happy with them.

If you ride/run and love your tunes, get one of these, even if you don't get this brand/model.

Amazon Far End Stereo To Mono Earbud

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