Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cordova Cross 2011

Well, this was likely my last cross race for the 2011-12 season due to the impending birth of my first son (second child).

I went out Friday night to help Anthony get the course right. I spent a couple hours with him trying to get the course right and get it marked right. In the end, it was an effort well spent because the course got a lot of good comments. FWIW, I had to leave after a couple hours. Dylan and Anthony then worked until 11pm finishing the course.

Anthony did a good job with the race. It was well promoted and had 27 entrants. The course design was good as well. I think next year, some more work on the 'administration' of the race will make it run more smoothly.

As for me, I sucked wind pitifully. I could tell I laid on my back during most of the month of November. I was pretty pitiful. The course was killer because of the mud, the soft boggy areas we had to slog through and all the elevation changes.

All told, it was the kind of course that kills me and that was just fine. It was fun and hard work!

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