Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back In The Saddle

Well, I'm back on the bike finally. Was just short of 6 weeks ago that I broke my wrist (right), collarbone (left) and dislocated my shoulder (left).

In total, the left shoulder is fine. I feel the collarbone on occasion, and cannot lift anything heavy, but overall, its getting better. I guess I just have a new barometer!

Right wrist has been the problem. Pain from the break, as well as stiffness from it being immobilized. I definitely have less mobility with the joint now, so I guess the question is how much will I get back over time.

I think I'm going to wrap my bars with some seriously thick bar tape as well as putting a gel base under it. That should help with the wrist.

So what goals do I have for the late summer and fall?

6 Hours of Herb Parsons
Stanky Creek TT and CC
Tour De Cross 4 race cross series
Mud Island Cyclocross champs

Should be a fun time!

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