Monday, June 7, 2010

Injuries Stink

So, I decide that I've not spent enough time on the road bike as of late. I've had a lot of fun on the MTB and really gotten pretty fast on it. Unfortunately my road riding has suffered and I'm just not as fast as I want on the road right now.

I decided to hit my weekly haunt from the previous summer and do the Bike World ride. The ride really has become a bunch of tri-guys hammering out there, but its still a reasonably fast ride to hit and I have a few friends on it.

As we took off, I felt great and was actually leading for a bit. I soon dropped back as I'd overdone it a bit. I hid mid-pack to catch my breath and hope to have an opportunity to stay with the group. Not much later, I managed to blip the bars a bit and went off roading at 26mph. The rough Mississippi road shoulder gravel threatened to throw me, but I managed to stay upright!!! One victory, but it would be short lived.

The group gathered up at a stop sign and a few friends commented on how my cyclocross skills must have helped me. We took off again and headed for the house at a good clip. We were maintaining around 25mph but the group was getting a bit squirrelly.

Then, in an instant, everything went black. The black I was seeing was the pavement. The rider in front of me hit is brakes or slowed a bit, and I overlapped his wheel. It was my fault for following someone I did not know that closely.

I hit my head hard (helmet on of course) then hit my shoulder and my right hand. My back is covered in road rash and my bike looks like shit.

When I hit the ground, I was avg'ing 20mph for the ride - I guess I was going better than I thought!!!!!

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