Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snow/Ice Days!!! Cyclocross Worlds

Well, I'm frozen in here...... I would normally say that sucks, but really its been pretty fun. I'd normally be out on the trails or the road, but this weekend, I spent the day watching cyclocross videos and checking the results from the worlds in the Czech Republic.

Looks like Stybar put in a killer ride and kicked some but. The Belgians have been dethroned and the results are in. Stybar in Gold. Looks like the Belgians were dethroned in the other classes as well, like the U23 race where the Poles kicked some butt.

Dissappointing however were the results from the red white and blue. Johnson, page, et al just did not have what it took to pull it off. Huge dissappointment also from the Compton camp. Leg cramps are tough, but I think I'd be at the Dr's office finding out exactly what the heck was wrong with me if it took me out of contention as it did here.

Back to the frozen in part, I'm aching to get out on the road or the trail again. While stuck here, I managed to get all my bikes waxed and cleaned and tuned...... Nothing else to do, so I might as well make sure everything is perfectly tuned and clean. Yee-haw.

Well, with a little luck, we'll have some drying this week and I can get out and ride next weekend!


Fix Memphis said...

Did you hear that the 2013 Worlds will be in Louisville, KY? So excited!

Jeremy said...

Heard it and Love it!!!! The drive to Louisville is easy. We may have to make a 'Memphis to Louisville' roadtrip to see it.